Wednesday, 28 May 2014


Tom Misch takes Blondes original track 'Foolish' featuring vocals from Ryan Ashley and puts his own spin on it.
With the original already being a pretty fucking chill track (can be heard here), its hard to believe that tom could take it and make it anymore chill... however he manages to pull it off.

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Tuesday, 20 May 2014


Black Butter records Hostage takes on the 2nd track from Prides debut EP and puts his signature tech house flip on it.
Strong synthy vibes are suggested in the intro to the track giving the impression that the track will erupt into a melody not dissimilar to a progressive house track, However Hostage does his thing and surprises the listener with a punchy, bassy tech house drop.

Hostages facebook
Hostages soundcloud

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Monday, 19 May 2014


The track starts of with a very relaxing intro with a speech sample vocal before the chilled vibes are reinforced with a laid back hip hop beat for the first half of the track. The speech sample is then brought back before the track evolves into a more bass fuelled second half still in keeping with the chilled vibes introduced right from the beginning.
Not only is this track up for free download, the full EP is here, including a remix from krooked drivers.

The Geek x VRV's facebook

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Sunday, 18 May 2014


This track features a massive collaboration between Rapper Goldlink and Producer Kaytranada for this perfectly flowing hip hop track.
Goldlink's smooth vocals fit perfectly with the beustifully simple beat by Kaytranada giving the track a very light-hearted and in way old school vibe.

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Saturday, 17 May 2014


'Shake that' is the signature track from DJ Dan's LP 'Nothing But A Party' and features Mike Balance.
Not much needs to be said about this track.... 'Shake that' is a very bouncy tech house track ready to blow the roof off any club!
available to buy on beatport.

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Friday, 16 May 2014


After his colab with Zeds Dead Hunter Siegel makes his second appearance on DidIMENTION, this time with his first single 'Waiting Up'.
The track has taken a long time coming to Hunter really taking the time to find his own sound in order to prevent the track blowing up and disappearing all in a matter of weeks, however once you hear the track you will agree it was definitely worth the wait, combining elements of electro and deep house into a genre I feel is best described as deep electro or from Hunter - 'retro future' or 'dark plur'.
On release hunter said - ""Waiting Up" addresses the feeling you have when its late and you really miss someone, feel alone, or just have that sensory feeling of "I wonder what _____ is doing right now"".
Whats more the track is available for free download here 
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Wednesday, 14 May 2014


This track marks another thissongissick premier, this time its a follow up to The Knocks's recently released ep "comfortable".
The track goes under the name of 'move me' and contains all the elements required to create a very funky very exciting and overall excellent track with the very prominent use of the bass guitar hugely contributing to the funky vibes the tracks oozes.
And as if I need to say more the track is offered as a free download on their facebook here

The Knocks facebook

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Scottish producer Dairmad has been releasing tracks under the name 'Squaremad' spanning many different genres including deep house and techno.
Although the name Squaremad is relatively unknown outside of Glasgow, this does not mean he isn't one to watch - The track 'look at me' - bears a strong resemblance with the styles of route 94 or MK and shows that this is all about to change.

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A-Track and production duo Milo & Otis have teamed up to produce this massive twerk banger (twerk is trap that sits at around 100bpm) set to be released on fools gold records on the 20th of may.
The intricate percussion and brass sounds in the intro successfully create a huge amount of excitement in the track building up to the "burp" drop which launches the track into a an energy filled drop keeping the intricacy of the percussion heard in the intro with added screechy synths and bass capable of shaking any dance floor.
With added drum solos and vocals from rick kidz this track is without a doubt going to heard at festivals and clubs throughout the world this summer.  

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Tuesday, 13 May 2014


Lasercat is a track from dutch producer posij's (aka Frank Post) EP due to be released on noisia's label division recordings
the track starts of with a very ominous intro slowly building in a harsh crescendo into a filthy hard hitting drop that would satisfy the ears of any bass music fan no matter their genre of choice. The track contains elements of all bass music from trap and dubstep to drum and bass. 
The track will be available on beatport from the 19th of may and all other platforms on the 2nd of june. 

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